Born Extraordinary
First Chinese World Champion at WLAC

November 20, 2023, MHW-3BOMBER official brand ambassador Liang Fan
won the world championship at WLAC!

What is the WLAC competition?

Born extraordinary, everyone has their own light, and those who chase the light will eventually shine brightly.


WLAC, organized by WCE, promotes boutique coffee and hosts professional competitions. It's the world's second-largest latte art tournament, showcasing the highest level of skill and earning industry acclaim.

Road to Worlds

Each year, only those players who make it through to the Nationals and eventually win the champion earn a ticket to the following year's World Championship, where they represent their country and compete against players from all over the world.


In China, there are about 140,000 cafes with a growing number of coffee practitioners. Despite a large consumer base, China started its coffee journey later than Europe and the US, impacting market education and competition introduction timelines.

Liang Fan

Liang Fan has made history as the first Chinese world champion in WLAC. His approach blends challenge and innovation without disruption. For Liang Fan, achieving exquisite pattern design requires both sensitivity and adherence to logical principles, forming an inseparable duo.

Empathize with customers through story

In this WLAC final, Liang Fan chose the patterns of "Rooster", "Dinosaur" and "Kangaroo", in which he used the mathematics of "Boolean operation" and "different circles" to present a variety of interesting and neat patterns, letting the objective laws show the subjective beauty, and constructing a latte art world in which both rationality and sensibility coexist.

Sink in and build momentum.

When competing in a WLAC event, each part of the process must be done to the best of one's ability.
In a short ten minutes at the competition site, the skillful technique is unforgettable. Behind it is his day-to-day training, repeatedly revised to achieve his achievements so far.
He has always had one goal in mind: which is to represent China on the world's highest stage, to promote the coffee culture with Chinese characteristics, and to let the world hear the voice of Chinese baristas.

Liang Fan: First Chinese World Champion in WLAC History

MHW-3BOMBER and Liang Fan, as partners, adhering to the spirit of "Challenging and innovation, no destruction, no inception", and the perseverance of "Sink in and build momentum", on the road to the future, we will take the attitude of "Keep Reverence, Keep Enthusiasm" to jointly interpret the champion quality, so that the tension of the beauty of coffee spreads to all corners of life from the heart.


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