Exploring the Unknown Journey of "Cyclone"

Won the 2024 London Design Gold Award

Designer's Insight

"Capturing inspiration is crucial for designers, yet encountering creative bottlenecks during the design process is inevitable. Perhaps stepping out and clearing the mind might trigger something new. While aimlessly walking, I noticed children playing with bamboo dragonflies in the park, instantly evoking a part of my childhood memories. Incorporating elements of 'bamboo dragonflies' into the design of the Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool would bring childhood dreams into the present moment. Imagining during the initial design phase requires careful consideration to embody the product, relying not only on intuitive thinking but also rational exploration. However, it is these sudden bursts of inspiration that infused soul into the Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool."

Aesthetic Appeal and Practicality 

Gazing into the Boundless Universe, Exploring the uncharted journey of Cyclone, It Twists the Fabric of Time and Space, Guiding Dreams into the Vortex Beyond Reality. Thoughts Flow Boundlessly, Eternally Cycling Through Myriad Forms, Narrating the Infinite Nature of Existence.

When the Concept of Infinity is Raised, it signifies that restrictive concepts have permeated our thoughts and lives. Discussions Often Appear on Digital Media About Breaking "Cognitive Barriers" and "Information Barriers"... This New Media Era Supported by Big Data Algorithms Constructs an "Information Cocoon" for Everyone, leading us to habitually understand the world within our familiar information.


Crafted for Sustainability and Simplicity

Therefore, MHW-3BOMBER, a brand committed to reshaping the link between people and life with groundbreaking products, In Product Design, We Consciously Avoid Confining Ourselves to the Word "Coffee". We aim to integrate insights from various aspects of life, explore genuine human needs, and infuse our products with warmth.

Aesthetic Appeal and Practicality 

The "cyclone" refers to a spiral wind that once lifted bamboo dragonflies from childhood memories, carrying dreams into the vortex of wind, blowing into the present...Inspiration sometimes comes suddenly, seemingly a mysterious revelation.Only by delving into the designer's inspirational thinking can one glimpse the essence of a product from its source.

The "twisted silk rod" of the bamboo dragonfly provided inspiration for the pressing and rotating structure of the Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool. During uniform pressing and powder stirring, one can clearly sense the dynamic rotation of the "screw", promptly achieving operational responsiveness. The hollow design of the tripod stand allows users to visually observe changes in the powder, facilitating adjustments in usage status.


Crafted for Sustainability and Simplicity

The overall design of the  cyclone needle distribution tool is in a black tone, combining metal and silicone non-slip rings to retain the durability and stability of metal while imparting a degree of flexibility and abrasion resistance to the product, thereby creating a unique mechanical feel. This not only aligns with the minimalist visual tone of MHW-3BOMBER but also emphasizes the functionality and practicality of the product through clear lines and structures.

Manifestation of Rationality

The Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool breaks through in functionality, refining each structure to simplify user operations and enhance stirring efficiency while providing a mechanical response of "certainty".

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Pressing and Stirring

The Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool is our first press-type needle distribution tool, designed with a dual-bearing structure that ensures smooth operation during pressing.By depressing the "twisted silk rod", the unidirectional bearing is driven clockwise, swiftly stirring and dispersing coffee powder.This design not only guarantees efficient stirring but also greatly saves user time and effort, providing a more convenient way to make coffee.

Equidistant Dispersion in Concentric Circles

14 Needles, Each 0.25mm in Diameter at different positions on the needle disk according to the principle of concentric circles. When rotating, they form 14 trajectories, with each needle spaced approximately 1.58mm apart, achieving a maximum stirring diameter of about 55mm. This design effectively resolves coffee powder clumping issues, ensuring thorough dispersion and enhancing coffee extraction rate and taste quality.

Built-in Magnetic Adsorption Design

Maintains stability during stirring, preventing positional displacement or loosening due to vibration or movement.This design not only enhances operational convenience and stability but also ensures precise results with every use.

Integrated Design

When not in use, the stirring needles can be hidden in the base, eliminating the need for separate storage.It can be placed in a corner of the bar counter for easy access when needed.This convenient design not only saves space but also enhances the overall appearance of coffee utensils.
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