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Take full control of your grinding!

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What Makes a Great Manual Coffee Grinder?

How do you define a good manual coffee grinder? 

This is the question we have been contemplating.
Should it emphasize appearance and performance? 
Or provide a finely-tuned grinding experience? 
Or feature a high-precision and sharp grinding core?

Take Full Control of Your Grinding


Addressing Manual Grinder Limitations

In today's market, there are various types of manual coffee grinders available, but coffee enthusiasts have been troubled by a common issue. Many manual grinders are only suitable for pour-over coffee, and their consistency in grinding beans varies, making them laborious and less satisfactory. It's challenging to find a highly efficient and portable product that can achieve consistent grinding for pour-over coffee while also catering to espresso needs.In this fast-paced era, efficiency and convenience have become major pursuits in modern coffee lifestyles. Taking heed of everyone's feedback, our research and development team has conducted numerous product tests. Now, we are excited to introduce our long-awaited product: MHW-3BOMBER BLADE R3 MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER-Take full control of your grinding.

High-Efficiency Grinding

High-Efficiency Grinding

The grinding core directly affects the grinding efficiency and the quality of coffee powder. Different coffee beverages require different levels of grinding to extract ideal flavors. An excellent grinding core should provide stable and precise grinding results, allowing users to select the appropriate grind size according to personal preferences and coffee types.
In hand coffee grinders, the grinding core plays a crucial role, combining efficiency with durability to ensure users enjoy a high-quality coffee experience. Therefore, when choosing a hand coffee grinder, the quality and design of the grinding core are among the key factors to consider.



As the "heart" of the coffee grinder, we have poured considerable effort into the grinding core. Through repeated parameter adjustments and thousands of cupping tests, we have achieved significant breakthroughs in the grinding core.


Grinding Data of the Blade R3

The Blade R3 features the internally developed "Rapidity-3" grinding core, which utilizes a 45° seven-star core blade and a 70° diamond-shaped blade. These blades are evenly distributed, providing swift grinding capabilities that enhance efficiency while maintaining a lightweight design. The professional-grade cutting technology reduces fines significantly. This design allows the Blade R3 to grind coffee into three-dimensional particles, with a highly concentrated particle size distribution, thereby greatly improving uniformity and enhancing the coffee's flavor.

Five Sieve Meshes for Ideal Grinding

As is well known, excessive fines and ultra-fines in ground coffee can affect the extraction flow rate of the filter, thereby impacting the taste experience. Hence, the importance of a grinder with a sieve is paramount.
The Blade R3's powder bin features a magnetic absorption design, incorporating 24 powerful magnets for precise positioning and strong adhesion. The powder bin provides independent storage space (approximately 20 grams capacity) and comes with a dedicated lid. By shaking the sieve, fine coffee powder can be sifted out, resulting in uniformly coarse coffee grounds that enhance flavor profiles.
Furthermore, we have integrated the grinder and sieve into one with the Blade R3, offering five sizes (400/500/600/800/1000) of sieve meshes. This enhancement maximizes the functionality of the Blade R3. Through testing, when used with these sieve meshes, overall sweetness and cleanliness of the coffee flavor have been found to increase by 30%. This ensures that every cup of coffee brewed with the Blade R3 showcases its quality and innovation.

External Adjustment Design

In today's market, there are numerous hand coffee grinders available, both with external and internal adjustment mechanisms, each with its unique charm. However, for maximizing efficiency, external adjustment remains the more convenient option.

With the Blade R3, we've vastly improved external adjustment precision, refining the ring structure to achieve approximately 0.016mm per notch precision and zero-scale capability. Unlike other designs claiming "zero play" with mere stop limits, the Blade R3 boasts 15 play-free notches. It's a high-precision grinder offering micro-adjustments and feedback via sound, touch, and visual cues, ensuring precise grinding audibly.


You can now choose your grind according to your preferences. Besides improving efficiency, it's also compatible with both pour-over and espresso methods, alleviating some of the decision-making struggles for you.


Grinding Recommendations (Suitable for Most Brewing Methods)

Take Full Control of Your Grinding


Three-Bearing Solid Structure

The Blade R3 features a reinforced design with three bearings, along with an all-metal central axis structure. Its point-based external adjustment and custom high-precision bearings ensure concentricity and stability during grinding operations.

Customized Precision   Structural Part

As designers, we always have a passion for beauty. When designing the Blade R3, we carefully considered both visual aesthetics and tactile feel. Continuing our tradition of excellence, we've seamlessly integrated metal and real wood elements. The unified metal body features a sleek black matte finish and vertical grooves for enhanced grip, embodying a minimalist design ethos that offers a personalized and sophisticated experience.

Your Feedback 
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We are eagerly looking forward to your feedback on the Blade R3. Every user review is taken seriously and serves as motivation for us to continually refine our research and design efforts.