MHW-3BOMBER Blade R3 Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • 【More Convenient External Adjustment】The externally adjustable manual grinder is more intuitive and convenient than the internal adjustment, so even coffee beginners won't find it troublesome. The external adjustment structure is set to 60 grids a week, maximum 180 grids, and the accuracy of one grids is about 0.016mm.Multi-grids adjustment is more playable, and the required grinds for espresso, mocha pot, drip coffee, siphon pot, French pot and so on can be satisfied.
  • 【5 Grind Sieves for Sifting】 The R3 hand grinder is equipped with a total of 5 sizes of 300um, 400um, 500um, 600um, and 850um powder sieves, which can be used to remove the fine powder according to the coffee category and ensure the pure flavor of the coffee. (For espresso, it is recommended to remove the sieve before making.)
  • 【Magnetic Powder Bin】72 powerful magnets can be precisely attached to the bottom of the hand coffee grinder, and is not easy to fall off. Compared with the knob-type powder container, it is more convenient to pick up. The maximum capacity of the powder bin is 20g, which can meet the needs of daily coffee use, ideal for home use.
  • 【Original "rapidity-3 grinding burr”】R3 coffee bean grinder adopting high hardness CNC420 stainless steel grinding core, with sharp and fast cutting ability, it can precisely cut and grind three-dimensional coffee powder, minimizing the rate of micro-powder generation.
  • 【Specifications】 Brand: MHW-3MOMBER. Name:R3 Manual Espresso Bean Grinder. Grinding Core: 420 Stainless Steel. Capacity: 20g. Accessories: Cleaning Brush、5 Sieves

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Aleksey Lebedinets
some trouble

after some time of use, some design flaws were revealed. Namely, that the coffee grinder is unregulated after a couple of grinds. The locking nut loosens slightly, which causes the scale to go minus 5-7 clicks. You have to adjust it so that the grinding is set up correctly. And no matter how hard I tighten this nut, it still gradually unwinds. It is probably necessary to provide an additional grover washer in the design to block the loosening of the tightening.I hope my message will help in improving the design of the coffee grinder.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with our product!
We appreciate your suggestion about adding a grover washer to prevent the locking nut from loosening. Your insights are valuable to us and will help us improve our products.
If you ever need anything else or have further feedback to share, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Here’s to many more delicious cups of coffee with our high-quality coffee wares!☕

Gurkan Atakan
material quality is great

Do not expect to brew very good coffee as soon as you receive it, seasoning is very important, you will be surprised at the change in taste after 1kg grinding. You will never regret buying a very high quality product

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with our product! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying it and that you've noticed a positive change in taste after seasoning. Your feedback means a lot to us, and we're grateful for your support. If you ever need anything else or have further feedback to share, please don't hesitate to reach out. Here's to many more delicious cups of coffee with your high-quality grinder!

Aleksey Lebedinets
MHW-3Bomber R3

Here she is! It is a coffee grinder! 🤣
Jet shipping within a week from China... IT'S A THING!
Large, heavy (~750g), comfortable. The feeling of precision arises as soon as you take it in your hands, and when you start clicking the grinding adjustment system, it no longer leaves. And you begin to experience a technical and aesthetic orgasm! 🙈 🤟
A full turn is 60 clicks, a purover from 90-130. The millstones move freely without friction and micro-hooks with 5-6 clicks. Very quiet and smooth running!
Of course, the innovation and feature here is not even the 7th end rotor, although it is also, as it turned out. The feature is sorption nets to improve the quality of grinding, filter out dustiness and, as a result, show clarity in the taste of the drink. Naturally, the first test and comparison begins with this 😉

So, noname coffee grinder 5 star rotor / MHW Bomber R3 7 star rotor.
I ground 10 grams of grain each. The limit is a large indicator for the purover (20/130 clicks).Sifted through it. I evaluated the evenness of the total grinding without dust fraction.
Noname - less dust, but the grinding is clearly heterogeneous, there are more large fractions (probably it is noticeable in the pictures)
R3 - there is noticeably more dust, but the scales also did not react (0.0g). But the overall grinding is smooth, there are no large pieces, everything is noticeably smoother and clearer.
Later, I loaded the ground coffee from noname and ran it through the bomber. The coffee grinder, exactly, was grinding. Domol, and sifting revealed dust, equalizing the indicators in terms of quantity (by eye). Total loss: 20g/19.3g
It seems to me that the 7-end rotor, of course, gives a very even grinding in the general calibration range of the same purover, but, in turn, produces more small things, which can be eliminated by the features of this milk.
And, yes, coffee has become, in my opinion, clearer, sharper and clearer. Definitely, the taste has changed. Otherwise, of course, you will need to get used to it and select the desired values.
But, here, these nets... 😅

Wow, thank you so much for the detailed and enthusiastic feedback on the MHW-3Bomber R3! We're thrilled to hear that it has exceeded your expectations and brought such joy to your coffee ritual.

It's fantastic to know that you appreciate the precision and comfort of the grinder, as well as the innovative features like the sorption nets for improved grinding quality. We're delighted that the R3 has made such a noticeable difference in the clarity and taste of your coffee.

Your comparison between the noname grinder and the R3 is incredibly insightful, and it's clear that the R3's performance stands out. We're especially pleased to hear about the smoothness and evenness of the grinding process, despite the presence of some dust.

Your feedback helps us continue to improve and innovate, and we're grateful for your support. If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out. Happy brewing, and here's to many more delicious cups of coffee with your MHW-3Bomber R3! ☕️


Its super good grinder.