Coffee Trends

HOTELEX Shanghai 2024

119 countries and regions 
245,202 coffee lovers from around the world 
Space and distance disappear here 
The infinite possibilities of the world of coffee are seen


The infinite possibilities of the world of coffee are seen

With global integrated development, the coffee industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, and professional baristas are emerging. At 2024 HOTELEX in Shanghai, we experienced the richness of "World Coffee" and felt the enthusiasm of the World Coffee Competition.

At the MHW-3BOMBER brand booth, not only there be a constant stream of new products to experience, the coffee lovers can also participate in a variety of fun activities, from the popular panda-themed woven bags in "Add a bag for your attention" to the scratch-off experience of "Blast Your Lucky Card", and to the close interaction with the World Latte Art Championship Champion Liang Fan, every link on the scene let the coffee lovers feel the "temperament" of Chengdu's coffee appliance and equipment brand.

Bring Christmas to everywhere

The "Chengdu Temperament" has given the MHW-3BOMBER brand a core of openness and tolerance, innovation and breakthrough, and relaxation and optimism. Obviously, this core has been extended to our product development, and through the visual presentation of the products, coffee lovers have formed their own "visual labels", "experience labels", etc. Interestingly, the brand culture of MHW-3BOMBER seems to be gradually generated unintentionally. 

In this exhibition, "Chengdu Coffee" met "World Coffee", and we caught some interesting and sincere voices in the collision of different cultures. For example, the new products of MHW-3BOMBER brand, YU Series and Gambo Sealed Canister, made their debut in the exhibition, and the intuitive impression of some coffee lovers was that they were "cool" and "creative", "exquisite", "national brand", "feel honored"... ...

There's also the Raba-T1, seen at last year's exhibition but not yet on sale, which has been described by some coffee lovers as "trolley-chic" and "steam-retro" .... As well as the popular product Sonic S7 Manual Espresso Machine of the MHW-3BOMBER brand, which set a record of "300 cups a day" at the exhibition, this time we caught some new voices: "It looks cool", "Great sense of operation", "Fun", "Professional visual presentation"...  

"Good design, no need for any instruction manual, just get started and use it." This is the feeling shared by a lover who came to the MHW-3BOMBER brand booth to experience the pour over tools.

"I hope MHW-3BOMBER brings more and better products to coffee lovers."

In Liang Fan's innovative latte art pattern on-site debut interaction, the word "Xiongqi", which is very characteristic of Sichuan and Chongqing, stands out from the rest, this is the blessing written by a coffee lover to the MHW-3BOMBER brand on the exhibition, let’s suddenly find a kind of surprise in this Coffee Walk to meet our friends in other places.
These voices of recognition let us know that we are truly seen when we honestly expose ourselves.

The end is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey.

Using coffee as a medium, the MHW-3BOMBER brand integrates Chengdu's coffee culture with the world's coffee culture, allowing coffee lovers to find each other's resonance at the intersection of this city. Fortunately in this Coffee Walk, we can still meet you in the same frequency, and a two-way coffee exchange is the greatest reward for us.